Channel Capital into Liquidity Provisioning

We intend to use our scalable technology platform to efficiently deploy trading capital and generate revenue from bid-offer spread and liquidity premia.

Push the Boundaries of Automation

Our software fully automates the “routinizable” aspects of execution and inventory management by combining the tried-and-true technologies with the latest advances in machine learning.

Team up Humans and AI

We believe that the future of the credit markets belongs to humans and machines working together. In our business model, machines lend their unparalleled capacity to process information, while humans do what they do best – think outside the box.

  • Data Driven Decision Making

    Our process blends data driven decision making with the intuition of a human trader.
    As the corporate bond market transitions from voice to electronic, many data companies prepare to meet a growing demand for high-quality historic and live market data. We count some of most innovative firms among our data and infrastructure providers and we are always looking to form strategic partnerships with the data firms looking to capitalize on this exciting trend. Please contact us for an introductory conversation.